There is always something special with movies you have grown up to, and that got stuck around 8-12 years old. The Big Blue is one of those movies, and I remember I thought it was funny, exciting and very dramatic. However, it did not get me interested in dolphins or diving. I might have held my breath a few times in the bath after the movie…

The Big Blue (1988)

The Big Blue is about two ”friends” who like diving, each in their own way. Both are very competitive, and have different complicated personalities. A girl makes the movie romantic.

This is the first time I watched the directors cut of the movie, with additional 40 minutes. It felt as if I had seen them before, so I guess the scenes where longer and not much story was added. Just made the scenes more dramatic and emotional. Good story, good acting (from most… I mean, it was the 80:s!) and great cinematics.


The ending is terrible (I mean, who chose a dolphin before a pregnant girlfriend? Maybe he survived… but it seemed that he did not), but I still give the movie:

B (8 out of 10)