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Deer, oh dear

I do not see deers every day. So when I see them, it is a big event for me. Yesterday we saw two deers just outside at the field. They were very close, maybe 20 meters away. They looked at us. Today I saw one of them again,  and this time I had my camera [...]

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Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time

It was with held-back enthusiasm I went to the movies to watch Prince of Persia - Sands of times. One side of me expected a good movie. Another side of me expected to be disappointed. A good strategy is therefore to expect nothing, which I did. A movie from the team who made Pirates of [...]

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Söderling beats Federer in French Open

Robin Söderling finally beat Roger Federer, after what has felt like a forever going loosing streak. Streaks usually end, so why not now. Robin lost the first set, but won the three following sets to win the French Open quarter final match. I write this because I like to play tennis myself. I played when [...]

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How to lose in miniture golf

Yesterday I got challenged in miniature golf by my mother. I accepted the friendly challenge and the contest began in Mariebergsskogen, Karlstad, Sweden. First nine holes went really well. Last nine holes went really bad. My mother won by two strokes. She thinks it was an act of playing poor on purpose because it was "mothers [...]

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My new place in cyberspace

Hello readers! Some of you might be new. Some of you might be old. I previously blogged at as the "psychology student". I am still a psychology student, but decided to get a fresh start with the blogging. The old blog is still there, with all its content, if you want to check it [...]

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