Normally, Law Abiding Citizen would be a movie I would watch in cinema. This time, however, I watched it on DVD way overdue. When I read some about it, I thought it would be a great movie. When I saw the first 30 minutes, I was very intrigued. Then, it went downwards.

The movie is about a husband whos wife and child gets murdered. He decides to take revenge, since the lawyers make a deal, limiting the sentence of the murderer.

I can not say much more without some serious spoilers. But for me, the movie was very confusing, and not in a good way. There where lots of things that just did not make sence, but maybe that was the intention of the movie. In my opinion, the movie failed bigtime in making the plot believable, which is very important.

This could have been a great movie. Instead, it is just an OK movie. It is worth watching though.

I rate it C. 6 out of 10.