Grand plans needs to be followed by grand actions.

I do have some grand plans, but right now, I am taking it easy. I cannot motivate myself to do school work (writing independent research paper). Not that it is hard… but it is so very boring. I get distracted by the smallest thought in my head, and goes to do something else.

But its ok, I am very happy with it, and I know school work can always be finished later.

I am having many thoughts about my future right now., and I have figured out that I want three or four part time jobs. I dont think I can do the same things all day long. I want to write, but not full time. I want to do lectures, but not full time. I want to research, but not full time. I want to support people with anxiety, but not full time. So, why not mix it all up, to some kind of full time job? The problem is that the society is very strict about how people should work. Sure, I could start my own business, but it is very demanding. I am a person who needs some support and pushing. Maybe I can find some mentors that believe in me.

Until then, I will do my little projects, and of course also the school work.

I have a year to set up my future. This year, will be very important. I need to organize and discipline myself. It will be an intersting year, and I look forward to it.