Natalie Portman as the "Black Swan"

When I started watching this movie, I thought it was directed in a similar fashion as ”The Wrestler”, following the main characted with a shaky camera. It is because the movie is directed by the same director: Darren Aronofsky, who does a beautiful job by the way (which is why he is nominated for an Oscar as Best Director). You quickly get into the mind of ballet dancer Nina, which is what the movie is about.

Nina is a very disciplined ballet dancer. She lives and breaths ballet, and her mother encourages her and keeps her on the right track. But Nina suffers from the demands of being perfect, and she desperately wants the leading role in the play ”Swan Lake”.  She is the perfect Princess Odette, the White Swan. Well, I guess it is no spoiler to say she gets the part…

But playing the character of Princess Odette also means she has to play ”Black Swan”. The evil twin who basically try to ruin the life of everyone she meets. Nina struggles to get into the character of ”Black Swan”. She is innocent, she is a 28 year old virgin and she knows little about the ”dark side”. As the movie progress, we can follow her transformation into the Black Swan and the confusion of her mind.

This is a brilliant movie and the acting is superb. Natalie Portman is nominated for an Oscar as Best Female Actor. Everything about this movie is top notch. It might not win the ”Best Movie of the Year” (as it is also nominated for) but its damn close. The last scene of the movie is worth the ticket price in itself.

I am not a big fan of ballet, but it did not matter. This is a Grade A movie.

Black Swan (2010)