Hello everybody. Sorry for my lack of blogging, as of lataly. I have not taken the time to make it a daily routine to blog. I should do that. To share my thoughts.

I have an addictive personality. Why? you might wonder. Well, I guess I was born with it, and I really lack some discipline. Although it creates trouble for me, its not as bad as it could be.

About 10-20 percent have an addictive personality. Some handle it quite well, and live a normal life. Some handle it worse, and gets stuck in bad habits, like alcoholism or eating disorders.

For myself, I have managed not to become an alcoholic. But I do have enormous cravings for sweets, and I get really into new projects, and also end them when a new more exciting project comes along. I need to deal with this in the future, because its very important to finish projects.

Right now, I am beginning my 2nd year of my master studies in psychology. It feels good. I have come a far way in the studies and I should get a master degree. But I always have to be aware of my addictive personality, and not get stuck in bad habits. I have been there in the past, and it is not a nice place.

Just trying to do one thing, and doing it really good, at a time should do the trick!

So… priority one right now is to finish the independent research paper, even though I am not motivated about it.