There was a time, when I blogged several times every day. Nowadays I only blog a couple of times every month.

I do not really know why. I guess I am lazy.

There are always things to write about. Often I think ”I should blog about this”, but then it fades away and it does not end up in the blog.

I do not want to be addicted to my blog, but I want to blog every day. To share my thoughts and my ”progress”.

I will try harder.

To new readers, I mainly blog about three things: current events, psychology and myself.

I enjoy current events and popcultural phenomenon. There is something fascination about what makes something popular, and why people are interested in it.

Psychology is what I work with, so it occupies my mind a great deal.

Writing about myself is very narcissistic, but it is fun to document and categorize myself. I really enjoy that. It is almost like self-therapy. I was deeper in the old days though. Nowadays, I am mostly sceptic.

I have changed a lot since I began blogging in 2005.

And I think thats a good thing.