I have a dual relationship with global warming. One side of me hates it. It is so incredibly stupid to pollute the earth and increase the global warming (whatever it is, thats for the scientists to debate). The other side of me is indifferent to the problem. Sure, it must cause much damage to some people, but so do many other things.

I believe that global warming is not the biggest problem. We do our things, and we have to deal with the effects. It might be global warming this day, and global freezing the other. What is the biggest problem, is the lack of rationality. We cannot have the cookie, and eat it. We have to stand up to our choices. If we want to fly around, we have to say ”My lifestyle add to the global warming”, instead of ”I am against global warming”. When people are honest and rational, we can actually do something about the problem. But when people (or countries) are dishonest and irrational, there is little we can do.

Its like depression. We do not want it. We try to reduce it. But its still a big problem worldwide. Because we are not honest and rational in the way we deal with it.

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