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Monthly Archives: June 2011


Greklands Korrupta Demokrati i Gungning

Det är mycket tråkigt att se Grekland kollapsa. Personligen tror jag inte på någon lösning. Det blir konkurs. Befolkningen tänker helt enkelt inte gå med på de krav som ställs. Bakgrunden är att politiker fifflat med landets ekonomiska redovisning, och döljt ett enormt underskott. Detta underskott har kommit till på grund av en [...]

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MOVIE REVIEW: Cedar Rapids (2011)

If there is something I love, it is comedies about interesting characters. Cedar Rapids is one of those movies. In this movie we follow an insurance agent (Tim Lippe) who goes on a conference to promote his company. Tim is not the usual insurance man. He actually cares about his customers and his integrity. He [...]

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MOVIE REVIEW: Red Riding Hood (2011)

Making a child tale into a horror movie sounds like a difficult task. Red Riding Hood succeeds with the task of making some references, but fails with basically everything else. The script is bad. The acting is ok, but chemistry is AWFUL. The suspense is also ok, but who cares when you dont care if [...]

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