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Monthly Archives: May 2011

MOVIE – True Grit (2010)

I enjoy movies with a slow tempo, witty dialogue and a good story. True Grit is one of those movies. Although the story did not capture me completely, the acting and characters was very interesting. True Grit is about justice and friendship. Grade: 78 of 100 In media: DN Exp

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Some cows.

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MOVIE – I am Number Four (2011)

I usually like science fiction. This was, however, more of a high school chick flick than a science fiction. Very predictable and very boring. Could have been great, but failed along the way. We have already seen movies like this a hundred times before. Grade: E+ (34 of 100)

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Friday Night, like every night.

Its friday night. Usually a day filled with joy about a week coming to an end. A day when people go out to party, or have a calm night at home. But for me, Friday is just like any other day. And it bothers me. I also want to feel extra happiness when the week [...]

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Spelare STAL det Röda Kortet! (video)

Idag spelar Barcelona mot Real Madrid. Första matchen slutade i Kaoz med tveksam rött kort och Mourinho på läktaren. Kanske skulle spelarna i Real Madrid försöka stjäla det röda kortet? UPPDATERING: Det blev 1-1 och inga röda kort utdelades! UEFA bör dock undvika denna domaren... I media: AB 1 2 3 4 DN 1 EX [...]

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