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I have an addictive personality

Hello everybody. Sorry for my lack of blogging, as of lataly. I have not taken the time to make it a daily routine to blog. I should do that. To share my thoughts. I have an addictive personality. Why? you might wonder. Well, I guess I was born with it, and I really lack some [...]

Av |2018-10-04T19:32:55+02:00augusti 31st, 2010|Blogg|1 kommentar

Not motivated, but happy.

Grand plans needs to be followed by grand actions. I do have some grand plans, but right now, I am taking it easy. I cannot motivate myself to do school work (writing independent research paper). Not that it is hard... but it is so very boring. I get distracted by the smallest thought in my [...]

Av |2018-10-04T19:32:55+02:00augusti 26th, 2010|Blogg|0 kommentarer
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