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Monthly Archives: July 2010


Me as a 17 year old with blonde highlights

This is me, when I was 17 years old (I think). As you can see, I had blonde highlights. Despite my dangerous casanova-looks, I was quite withdrawn and calm.

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Me As A Baby

 This is me as a baby. 6 weeks old, I think. Held by aunt. Obviously I dont remember much from this time period. I dont know if I was a cute baby.

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Feeling Happy But Lacking Motivation

Most people, if not all, wants to be happy. I am happy, but I lack something important. Motivation. I have ambition, I have creativity, I have knowledge. I even have happiness. But I do not have motivation. I try to find it with different kind of projects, but it always fades away. If I do [...]

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Photo: Fallen Flowers

These flowers have fallen off... some flower.

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Om man ska se en film av Haldoff…

...vilken ska man se då? Jag har nämligen inte sett någon. Är 32 år. Gillar drama, sci fi och djupa karaktärer. Ogillar pretantiösa grejjer och dåliga skådisar som överspelar. Tipsa mig? (helst inte det säkra kortet "Jack") * 1982 – Klippet * 1980 – Lämna mej inte ensam * 1978 – Chez Nous * 1976 [...]

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Global Warming Not The Biggest Problem!

I have a dual relationship with global warming. One side of me hates it. It is so incredibly stupid to pollute the earth and increase the global warming (whatever it is, thats for the scientists to debate). The other side of me is indifferent to the problem. Sure, it must cause much damage to some [...]

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