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Deer, oh dear

I do not see deers every day. So when I see them, it is a big event for me. Yesterday we saw two deers just outside at the field. They were very close, maybe 20 meters away. They looked at us. Today I saw one of them again,  and this time I had my camera [...]

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Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time

It was with held-back enthusiasm I went to the movies to watch Prince of Persia - Sands of times. One side of me expected a good movie. Another side of me expected to be disappointed. A good strategy is therefore to expect nothing, which I did. A movie from the team who made Pirates of [...]

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Söderling beats Federer in French Open

Robin Söderling finally beat Roger Federer, after what has felt like a forever going loosing streak. Streaks usually end, so why not now. Robin lost the first set, but won the three following sets to win the French Open quarter final match. I write this because I like to play tennis myself. I played when [...]

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