So, you are looking for a list of things to do before you die. That is great. I hope that you are well and do not feel rushed of doing a lot of things in a short period of time. Remember that stress often take away the good experience of what you are doing. The important part is not to do as many things as possible. What is important is to find what you are really interested in, and work hard to experience.

From a buddhist point of view (I am a buddhist) desires and attachment to ideas is something that hold back your personal development. However, there need not be a contradiction between working towards a goal and being (reasonably…) free from desire. It all depends on the road (hopefully) leading to the goal. The whole concept of ”doing things before you die” seems stressful. Instead, see them as ”things to do”. Maybe you will do them, maybe not. It is not that important. Each moment holds something valuble.

Something that can be useful to think of is to first do what you must, then do what you should, and finally do what you want. This way, you will get better discipline and increase your change of reaching your goal(s).

Personally, I have a big need of control and enjoy planning things. So, I thought a list of things to do might be fun to make! (it might take a while to write down though…)

1. Ice-Skate
2. Downhill Ski
3. Sleep in a tent
4. Visit a Greek Island
5. Visit Paris
6. Visit New York
7. Visit a small town i USA
8. Be in a movie
9. Write a book
10. Water-Ski
11. Skydiving
12. Bungyjump
13. Pick mushrooms (no, not the psychadelic ones…)
14. Fight someone (in a boxing ring! with pads…)